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Welcome to the home page of Schmant – a scriptable build tool for building software artifacts.

Schmant provides an environment for running build scripts and a set of tools (tasks) that the scripts can use. Schmant can, and will probably mostly, be used for building Java applications. The immediate goal for Schmant is to be comparable to Apache Ant in features, but nicer and easier to work with.

Schmant supports build scripts written in the script languages Groovy, JavaScript, JRuby or Jython. Many Schmant methods support script language-like features such as closures and untyped parameters.

Other notable features of Schmant are:

A good starting point for reading more about Schmant is the Schmant Introduction. The User's Guide contains code examples for all features listed above. The Task Factory Reference contains reference documentation for all tasks that are shipped with Schmant.

Schmant requires Java 6.0 or later to run, but it can build applications targeted for any Java version. Or even C applications, given that someone implements tasks for that...

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02/22/2010: Schmant Emma task package 1.1 released
The Emma task package has been updated to work with Schmant 1.1.
02/18/2010: Schmant 1.1 released
From version 1.1, JSR 223 scripting support is no longer used for running build scripts. Instead Schmant integrates with the different supported scripting language implementations directly. This made it possible to vastly enhance the support for closures. Now many Schmant methods accept closure arguments, closures can be added instead of tasks to task executors, etc. The ScriptTF task is no longer necessary and had to be removed as a consequence of the refactoring. External dependencies have been updated to their latest versions. There have been a lot of minor changes. See the release notes and the change log for details.
12/15/2009: Schmant Hudson plugin 1.1.4 released
The plugin now runs Schmant as a separate process, thus plugging a few memory leaks.
09/25/2009: Schmant 1.0.1 released
Version 1.0.1 comes with updated external dependencies and a couple of bug fixes. See the release notes and the change log for details.
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